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Youth Dance

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Youth Dance Lessons Oshkosh

Youth Dance Lessons

All parents want to see their children healthy, developed and with ambitious personalities. There are so many activities for children to choose from. One of them is ballroom dancing. It represents the art and sport at the same time. Dance classes are universal and equally valuable for both girls and boys. How can your child benefit from taking ballroom dance lessons?

  • Improve Social  Skills through communication, partner cooperation and team interaction.
  • Gain Confidence through ballroom dance classes that can help to increase self-esteem and encourages them to be more confident with others in daily life.
  • Enhance Physical Skills through dancing that increases physical health along with mental health because it involves listening to the music, remembering dance steps while interacting with a partner.

While they are young, let them discover what Ballroom dancing has to offer. Aquiring dance skills is similar to learning a new language.  It may take time to get comfortable with it but it is a skill that can be used throughout life.

Please contact us for special pricing. Youth ages 17 and under.