Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you teach beginners?

Yes!!! Whether you have been dancing for years and want to take your dancing to the next level or have never danced before we are ready to teach you.

What do you mean by “no contracts or no bulk lesson rates?”

We teach dance…we don’t sell dance. All lessons are pay as you go. That insures that you will get the best lesson each time you come in so you will want to come back. We don’t want you to come back just because you already paid for the lessons.

Do you teach social dancing?

Yes! Our philosophy revolves around teaching good dancing. Our studio is very relaxed but very professional. We will teach you how to dance correctly from the start. Bad habits are hard to break! If you chose to make dancing your hobby, you need to have a good foundation in order to improve.

Why do you still take lessons?

Dancing is our passion. Dance is always evolving and changing. We strive to be the best dancers and instructors. We want to continue learning and improving to be able to pass that knowledge down to our students. Everything we teach we have learned directly from the best instructors/dancers in the world…not from DVD’s or Youtube.

Do you have any “Dance Programs” or “Medal Programs?”

No. We do not offer any specific programs like that because each person or couple is different. Our goal is to make you the best possible dancer in the shortest period of time. Why learn a dance you may never use just to “pass” onto the next level? We teach you what you want to learn at your pace!